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As the name suggests, these are games which lie in a league of their own – they are unique, and hence very special. Instances of such speciality games include Scratch Cards, Keno, Bingo, and a few of the Table Games. Simply click on the Speciality tab where you will get to preview all the various Speciality Games on offer. This will in turn show you the categories under which you can choose Speciality Games such as Scratch Cards, Bingo, Keno, and more.

Craps Screenshot

Alongside we have shown a screenshot of the view that greets you when you choose Speciality on the Welcome page. As you can see, games on offer can easily be previewed.

Click through the tabs and then on to the game you wish to play to preview information specific to that game. It will also show you a preview of the actual interface for that particular game.

All of this will help you choose the game that you wish to play with certainty. Therefore, once you make up your mind on this front, you can click on Play to start playing that game. At any point if you need assistance, remember that Help is readily available.

Also, you have absolute control over the manner in which you play – whether for money or simply for fun. In fact we encourage you to play for fun initially to hone your skills. 

Yes, you will need to download the casino software so do remember to do so.

Some Speciality Games that you can play on Silversands Casino Online:

European Roulette


Similar to American Roulette here you have a small white ball that is released onto a spinning wheel. There are slots on the wheel that are both numbered and coloured. Your aim is simply to predict with accuracy the number (or perhaps group of numbers) as well as the colour in which the roulette ball will finally come to rest.

A key factor of European Roulette you need to keep in mind is that there are 37 numbered slots in all that include a 0 (zero) slot as well. And when it comes to bets that you can place, they include both inside and outside ones.



Craps is a table game where the objective is to correctly guess the number that will be rolled. This is a game which is played out in rounds. A round begins by the first roll of the dice which is referred to as the come-out roll.

Since outcomes are quite clear, it will easily be known soon enough as to whether your bet won or lost in that particular round. Yet, there is the real possibility that you do not end up on either the winning or the losing side; in that case, the Point would be the number that had been rolled. So in a scenario like the above, a round of Craps would continue till a 7 is rolled or the Point in question is actually attained.


The idea is to match cards, in a way that they cover numbers as per combinations on the pay table. Possibilities of such combinations include 2L or 3L or 4L; horizontal; diagonal lines; and 4 corners. In all, a maximum of 44 balls can be drawn out of the Bingo.

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