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There is immense variety when it comes to table games on offer at Silversands Casino. Whether you fancy Pontoon, Blackjack, War, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, or Baccarat, you will never feel let down by the choice of games on offer. Simply login to the casino and click the Table Games tab that will show you all the various table games on offer that you can play.

Below is a screenshot of the view that greets you after choosing Table Games on the Welcome page.

Baccarat Casino Table Game

Here you have the option to preview all available Table Games, as well as 21 or Caribbean Games. You only need to click on the respective tabs and then on a Table Game of your choice to obtain information about it. 

If you are sure that this (or any other game of your choice) is the one that you wish to play, simply click the Play button. Of course, as would be apparent to you from the games we enlisted above, Table Games are typically played with cards.

If you require any assistance remember that it is easily available. This includes information related to the games themselves. Further, you have complete freedom to either play games for free (recommended during the initial stages) or with money.  


Here, both the Player and the Banker get two cards each. The idea is to try and ensure a score which is as near to 9 as possible. Bets can go three ways – the Banker, the Player, or possibly even a Tie.  Yes, if you manage an 8 or 9 hand, then you are deemed to be a natural whereby you win unless of course there is a Tie. And just in case both hands end up with a natural then the winner is determined simply by noting the hand that has the greater value.

Now, it is also possible that both hands not only have naturals but the naturals also happen to be of the same value. In that case, it is your bet which will be pushed back. And if there is no natural at all then a third card will have to be dealt.  Remember cards have values of their own in Baccarat; from 2 – 9 have face value; 10s and Faces have zero value while Aces have one value.

Play Baccarat Online


With Blackjack you get two cards that are dealt face up while the dealer – who also gets two cards, has only one of them face up while the other is face down.

The aim in case of Blackjack is essentially to get as close to 21 as possible as compared to the dealer, without actually crossing 21.  A perfect hand of Blackjack would be one where the total of two cards adds up to exactly 21.

If that happens then of course you win unless the dealer too has 21 which will necessitate you to push. Mind you, the condition of two cards only is strictly followed; so even if a total of 21 is attained but with three cards and not two, it won’t count as a Blackjack.

Blackjack at Silversands Casino

Texas Hold'Em Bonus Poker

This game involves you (the player) and the dealer to both try and arrive at the best possible hand of five card poker. You have the liberty to use any possible combination from the two card hand that you have for doing so, as well as the five community cards in your possession.

Eventually you get down to comparing your hand with that of the dealer. Additionally, there is a separate “Bonus Jackpot” bet that you can place on the side; here the idea is to compare what you have in your two card hand with that which has been posted to the pay table.  Also, bear in mind that it is not essential to emerge as a winner in the base game for you to be eligible for the bonus wager.

Texas Hold'Em Bonus Poker Table Game

To get started in the casino to play these casino table games, please download the relevant software, either South African Casino or European Casino.


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